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The University of Sydney has recently entered into a new enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) with its staff, which has caused some controversy and debate among faculty members. An EBA is a document that outlines the terms and conditions of employment for staff within an organization, and it is negotiated between management and a union or other representative body.

The new EBA at the University of Sydney covers a wide range of issues, from salaries and working hours to leave entitlements and professional development opportunities. One of the key issues that has caused concern among some staff members is the proposed changes to workload allocation models, which could potentially result in increased workloads and reduced job security for some employees.

Another issue that has come up in the negotiation of the new EBA is the proposed removal of certain academic titles, which some faculty members argue will undermine the professional status of those affected. Additionally, there is some concern that the new EBA does not go far enough in addressing issues of gender equity and work/life balance, which are important considerations for many staff members.

Despite these concerns, however, the new EBA has been welcomed by many as a positive step forward for the university as a whole. The agreement includes provisions for pay rises and improved job security, as well as measures to encourage professional development and support for staff who experience workplace bullying or harassment.

Ultimately, the success of any EBA depends on the willingness of both management and staff to work together to achieve shared goals. At the University of Sydney, ongoing collaboration between staff and management will be critical to ensuring that the new EBA delivers the best possible outcomes for all involved.

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