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The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and the Treasury Board of Canada have recently signed a new collective agreement for members of the Program and Administrative (PA) group. This agreement will cover approximately 70,000 employees working in various roles across the federal public service.

The new agreement includes a number of improvements that will benefit PA group members. These include salary increases of 2% in each year of the four-year agreement, improvements to parental leave and bereavement leave, and new protections against harassment and discrimination.

Additionally, the agreement includes measures to promote work-life balance, such as increased flexibility in scheduling and telework arrangements. It also includes provisions to address the impact of technology on the workplace, including a commitment to ensure that employees are trained in the use of new technology and that they are not required to use their personal devices for work.

In terms of job security, the agreement includes measures to improve job security for term employees and to provide greater access to permanent positions. It also strengthens provisions around contracting out, ensuring that managers must consider the impact on employees and the public before making any contracting decisions.

The new collective agreement is a significant achievement for PSAC and its members, as well as for the federal public service as a whole. It represents a commitment to fair and equitable treatment of employees, as well as a recognition of the valuable contributions that they make to the functioning of the federal government.

As with any major agreement, there are likely to be challenges and issues that arise in the implementation of the new provisions. However, by working together and remaining committed to the principles of fairness and respect for employees, both PSAC and the federal government can ensure that the benefits of the new collective agreement are fully realized.

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